Highlights and news

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New single – DECOLONIALISE! (released 1 Nov 2018)

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24 Jun 2016- Welcome Refugees Solidarity Concert at White Eagle Club, Canberra.

27 Feb 2016- Arts of Healing at Taylor St Primary School, Kambah

13 Feb 2016- Music feature at the Multilingual Mic Poetry event at Canberra Multicultural Fringe Festival

8 Nov 2015- 2xx Radiothon radio interview and gig at Gorman House

April 2014- St Albans Folk Festival

March 2014- Leela – a showing of Indian classical dance and music

October 2013- Headline act for Fusion13 Wagga Wagga Multicultural Festival

Jan 2011- Unsung Yarns album launch at The Vanguard, Newtown

Jan 2010- Illawarra Folk Festival

Jun 2009- Winter Magic, Katoomba

March 2008- National Folk Festival – Finalists, Infinite Song Competition


Decolonialise, 2018

Unsung Yarns, 2010


We are currently working on a new album. Watch this space as we keep you posted on progress- we’re very excited!!



Of embers, shoots, bubbling soup…

From our creative development session in Sydney at Shadowsounds. Photo by Greg Le Couteur. L-R: Jess, Robin, Pippa, Andrew, Dave, Mahesh.

From our creative development session in Sydney at Shadowsounds. Photo by Greg Le Couteur. L-R: Jess, Robin, Pippa, Andrew, Dave, Mahesh.

With the flame still aglow, last year Tapestries of Sound rekindled with longtime members Robin Dixon (cello/banjoes/vocals et alia), dancer and rhythm player Jeni White and Mahesh Radhakrishnan (vocals/guitar/tambura), with the hot addition of new members Andrew Purdam (percussion/accordion/strings/vocals) and Nitya Bernard Parker (woodwind/guitar/vocals) in Canberra and a shift in centre of sorts towards the capital. We bubbled forth an awesome set of gigs from late 2013 starting with a festival in Wagga, shows around the traps in Canberra, providing the live musical accompaniment for a very exciting dance production directed by Jeni and myself (here’s a clip from it- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlOYL1hNhwU ), through to the St Albans Folk Festival in April this year (see photo :-)). Needless to say we are brimming with enthusiasm- and flavour. And we’ve almost run out of our copies of Unsung Yarns! Not long now!

After this stirring series of gigs, another break from gigs is now upon us roughly till the end of this year- this time, for the purpose of jam, new musical possibilities and rumours of another recording (shhh…). And these are on the boil! We have just spent the last two weekends in creative development in the rural outskirts of Canberra and Sydney where we’ve been exploring and experimenting with new sounds, signatures, sequences, sacred silences and, let’s face it, silliness.

Like its slow-cooked sumptuous likeness, we have thus far drawn on the creative savour of the seasoned and the spring chokoes with the benefit of returning members Jess Randall (nyckelharpa/violin) and Dave Carr (banjo/guitar) and our most recent ingredient in the Tapestries tree, Philippa Murphy-Haste (clarinet/viola/vocals) and inspirational vibes from further afield. And if the rumours of a recording be true, we are über excited about the prospect of working again with the amazing sound magician Greg Le Couteur who recorded Unsung Yarns and hosted our Sydney creative development. Building on the lingering legacy of performers and creative contributors past, present and future there is much to look forward to! Stay tuned for more news.